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"I have worked with Rebecca for almost Six years. Our appointment time is the best 45 minutes of my week. Our sessions have always been productive. Some days on my way to sessions I think that I’m okay and I wonder what we might talk about. Without fail, Rebecca always assists in guiding our work together and I often leave our sessions thinking about how much we have achieved. Rebecca is very patient and when needed, she can help to move our sessions in a productive direction."


"I came to Rebecca with a broad range of issues including depression, family tension and disordered eating. With her incredibly empathic, insightful and honest approach, Rebecca has helped me grow tremendously in the two and a half years since I started working with her. More than simply lending a sympathetic ear, Rebecca asks meaningful questions that get to the root cause of my issues and offers practical guidance to help me build the mental and behavioral tools I need to continuously work through my issues in the real world. Rebecca is a fantastic Therapist and I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for help."


"Rebecca has played an integral part in my recovery from drug addiction. She is both empathic and objective, and has helped me uncover the roots of why my addiction began. Most importantly, she has helped me to remain present and has supported me as I rebuild my life into one that I am currently proud of. Because of Rebecca, I have a better understanding of my addiction and myself."


"I found Rebecca at a time when I needed help thinking through a major life decision. With her counseling, I switched jobs and decided to start a family. I couldn’t imagine going through pregnancy, post-partum and now parenting without her support. She is un-biased and kind, and helps me process everything I bring to her with compassion and humor."


"I have no idea where I would be without Rebecca. I met her during a difficult time in my life when I was dealing with PTSD, depression and anxiety while trying to be a young adult finding my way in life. It’s been 7 years now and each year I look at the journey we have experienced and I'm proud to say, I couldn't have done it without Rebecca. Rebecca is very understanding, professional, trustworthy, and approachable. I have coped with my earlier struggles but still go back to Rebecca because she listens, helps to motivate me and overall helps me to become a better and stronger person than I ever thought I could be. Throughout our years I have transitioned from a person who thought I didn’t have a voice and had to hold everything in to a person who understands how my past has influenced my life, but does not need to control who I am now. With Rebecca I continue to go down the road of transition and success and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her."


"I have been Rebecca's client for almost three years now and with her guidance I have experienced much growth. Rebecca continues to assist me in identifying tools to cope with fears and anxieties that were almost incapacitating prior to initiating therapy. She has compassionately helped me to gain insight to my own thoughts and behaviors. Rebecca maintains the utmost professionalism in sessions while still remaining approachable and trustworthy. If you are going through a difficult time or looking to embark on a journey of personal growth, I highly recommend Rebecca Shaw."

Liz N.   

"Rebecca was instrumental in guiding me and counseling me through my postpartum depression. Within the first few days after giving birth I didn't feel myself. I was sad, lonely, and completely overwhelmed by this new baby in my life. I thought I was a terrible mother because I was not able to connect with my baby in the ways I thought I was supposed to. Rebecca came to my home once per week for ten weeks postpartum and her patience, professionalism, warmth and knowledge helped me to get through one of the hardest points of my life. Rebecca helped to normalize my feelings and I really believed I would get better as our sessions progressed. You don't need to be struggling with the baby blues or a postpartum depression to work with Rebecca, as she is also wonderful with understanding the challenges of this life transition-"motherless to motherhood". I highly recommend using Rebecca if you are having a difficult pregnancy and/or for the postpartum period."

Margaret F.   

"I have been seeing Rebecca since my baby was 6 weeks old. Being a very Type A person, being a new mom felt overwhelming and confusing-I loved my baby so much but what was I doing sitting around all day feeling like a blob? I felt depressed and lost, questioning my purpose and who I was. Rebecca has been patient, understanding, and so validating throughout this vulnerable time for me. We’ve talked about everything: breastfeeding, body image, going back to work, and intimacy. I feel much more in control and happy being a new mom now,"


"I have been seeing Rebecca for over a year after a particularly bad breakup. Initially she helped me work through my emotions regarding that event, and has since worked with me to identify sources of my feelings and emotions dealing with many important relationships in my life. She is incredibly perceptive which has allowed me to gain a level of self-reflection that I did not have previously. She has an innate ability to make me feel at ease and comfortable with opening up and sharing very personal issues, while still maintaining a professional relationship."


"I’ve received therapy from Rebecca for about three years. She has helped me understand and cope with my anxieties as a young adult, which has changed my life immensely. My confidence has grown since I first started my sessions with Rebecca. She is always willing to provide motivational words and a listening ear."

Caroline A.