Maternal Wellness

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I offer a unique form of counseling and support to women in all stages of family planning, pregnancy, and the postpartum period. I recognize the emotional and physical needs of women during a very vulnerable time in her life.

During pregnancy, have you felt anxious, depressed, frightened or overwhelmed? After delivering your baby, have you felt anxious, overwhelming sadness or confusion? These feelings are often precipitated by environmental stressors, personal history and hormonal shifts in the body. These feelings are treatable and talking about them are often the first steps towards healing and an improved state of mind.

My training will allow us to explore conflicts around infertility, pregnancy loss,¬†anticipating your baby, premature birth issues, a traumatic birth experience, adjusting to motherhood, fighting the “Baby Blues”, postpartum depression, bonding with your baby, establishing a new routine, body image issues, role expectations with your partner and family, back to work issues and more.

If you are in your last trimester and close to your due date or have a newborn, I will come to you. Traveling with an infant is never easy when a new mother has several demands placed on her with frequent feedings, diaper changes, and challenging sleeping schedules. I recommend weekly visits to your home up to ten weeks post partum as the most effective way of helping you transition from pregnancy to early motherhood.