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I’ve worked in the field of Social Work for 20 years helping many individuals to overcome barriers affecting their lives. I’m a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker with advanced clinical training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. I believe that therapy is a personal, challenging, and reflective experience. I use a variety of approaches tailored to each unique client I work with depending on their character and comfort level. My style can be interactive and my approaches include psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. The ultimate goal of your therapy experience could be to achieve greater self-awareness, develop an increased satisfaction in your relationships, build on your resiliency and strengths, and find greater emotional comfort and stability.

Along with my general practice, I have cultivated a specialty in Maternal Wellness. I support and counsel women on their journey through infertility and miscarriage, pregnancy, preparing for labor and delivery, and the transition into parenthood. I understand the importance of connecting to a woman who will be able to listen, help and provide empathic guidance about these issues.

Together, we will work at your pace to uncover the unconscious and conscious conflicts that prevent you from achieving greater self-fulfillment. You will also develop deeper insight and effective coping strategies in order to form healthier attachments.